Newsletter #6: Set sail with SIDE

Join the SIDE team and set sail for Regent's Park

⚓️ Join our nautical adventure

18 months ago, SIDE cast off from the shores of non-existence. As a belated launch party, we are commandeering a small flotilla of GoBoats on Tuesday 5th October, 4:30pm. We set sail from Paddington. Come join us! View event details and RSVP.

🧰 New Webflow project: Funders’ Collaborative Hub

Our friends at Shift shared this brief with us 3 weeks ago. Our job is to help redesign and rebuild the Funder’s Collaborative Hub website in Webflow. We kicked off this week. We’re hoping to launch by mid-November, keep your eyes peeled for then.

📝Project write-up: Going Green Together

We’ve opened up everything about our latest no-code project, Going Green Together. The brief, the proposal, the costs. Here’s how we designed it, built it, and worked with our client.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Notes from CivTech Exploration

We just completed CivTech’s 3-week Exploration programme. CivTech is a really excellent Scottish programme to drive ‘daring and innovation in the public sector’. It deserves to be celebrated. Read more: Government innovation, done right. (And🤞that we make it to the next stage.)

🎓 Academy success stories

Maryan was part of our Academy 2020. She now works for Cyber-Duck as a UX Designer and recently gave a talk on no-code – big congrats Maryan. Shivy (budding ceramicist) & Elizabeth (aspiring Climate Designer) have just graduated from Academy 2021 and have joined SIDE permanently. Welcome to the tribe!

🦉 Things we’re sharing in our Slack

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