Going on a SIDE Mission

Further explorations in using tech to make the world a less bad place

Hello all! 👋

A quick update from SIDE Labs:

  1. We are delighted to welcome Shivy and Elizabeth to SIDE Academy 2021, our no-experience-required apprentice scheme. Their first task: learn Webflow. They created this lovely new SIDE Academy page

  2. SIDE Missions: we now spend Fridays trying to launch a socially beneficial digital product. In the first month, we’ve been exploring ideas for Migrant Communities or Climate Action. We’d love to hear any feedback about our thoughts in either area.

  3. We’ve been working with 6 charities to improve the way they use digital.

  4. We’ve done a batch of work for Refugee Action: further developing their Good Practice site (in Webflow), building an Immigration Advisor Handbook (in Gitbook), and creating a Single Point of Access prototype (coming soon, in Webflow and Typeform). Yes, we are still loving no-code. 😂

  5. We created this Agencies for Good page, harnessing Noam’s twin passions of Webflow and emojis.

SIDE are always looking for new partners and opportunities to make an impact. Fancy a chat? Get in touch.


Andy and all at SIDE x