Newsletter #5: Impact with no-code

Project updates from our new office: Impact Hub King's Cross.

🏢 New office: Impact Hub King’s Cross

After months of trialling co-working spaces in London, we’ve settled on Impact Hub King’s Cross. The plan is to work there two days per week and from home three days per week. We’re already loving the community vibes (and yoga).

💚 New project: Going Green Together

We’re working with VONNE to help charities in the north east go green. di:ga are helping develop a comms and engagement strategy. This is a 10-week project, powered by a suite of no-code tools. Launching mid-September.

🤲 New project: Chayn

Chayn is a global nonprofit supporting survivors of gender-based violence. We’ve always admired their mission and no-code approach. We’re kindred spirits, for sure, and we’re happy to build the new Chayn website in Webflow. (And in related news, we just became official Webflow expert partners.)

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 New project: CivTech Challenge

This 3-week project is part of an accelerator run by CivTech. Challenge: How can we create the most local and best possible user experience for people engaging with the Citizens Advice Scotland network?

✍️ How to communicate well with a digital agency

We delivered a series of masterclasses with CAST. These help charities understand how to work well with digital agencies. Andy wrote up the  highlights: How to communicate well with a digital agency.

🌈 Our big idea: Migrant Services

Over the last year we’ve worked with a handful of migrant charities. We’ve seen the same information problems recurring  - resulting in migrants getting bounced from one support organisation to another. We’ve got an idea how to solve those problems on a sector-wide basis. Migrant Services is the first step. Self-funded for now. We’d love any help or thoughts on how to scale this plan.

🦉 Things we’re sharing in Slack

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