Newsletter #7: How much does a website cost?

To encourage transparency, we're publishing prices for previous projects

Notes from the boats 

Thanks to everyone who joined our nautical adventure. Wonderful to see friends old and new! Here’s some pics from our voyage.

💰 All our projects

We’ve indiscreetly started sharing prices and timeframes on our projects page. We hope this will help pro-social organisations better understand what’s possible and what they should be paying for digital projects. (And because no-code is so goddam cost effective, we want to tell the world.)

🌳 CivTech 

SIDE has won a place on the CivTech Accelerator. We are using Voice AI to streamline the operations of Citizens Advice Scotland. Scottish is a notoriously tricky accent for AI, so we are doing lots of training and testing. If you are a native Scot, we’ll plant 100 trees in return for 15 minutes of your lovely accent.

🌐 New project for the web’s inventor 

We have been commissioned to build a Webflow site for Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web Foundation. My 10-year-old asked: ‘Is that like being asked to make a football for the inventor of football?’ It most certainly is, my son! Excited and honoured to be involved.

🦉 No-code nuggets we’re sharing on Slack

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The SIDE crew!