Experiments with ChatGPT. A multitude of Webflow sites.

October 2022

New tools, new sites, new team members and more

April 2022

New team member, hike to Brighton and more
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March 2022

SIDE goes to Scotland. Two MVPs launched. Hoodies, anyone?

December 2021

Festive greetings to one and all! Wishing you all a very no-code Christmas.

November 2021

To encourage transparency, we're publishing prices for previous projects

September 2021

Join the SIDE team and set sail for Regent's Park

August 2021

Project updates from our new office: Impact Hub King's Cross.

June 2021

Further explorations in using tech to make the world a less bad place

January 2021

Launching Academy 2021 and more...

October 2020

This time I actually spoke to some people!

September 2020

Notes about our Academy scheme, award-nominated clients and how co-founder Andy became 400% more productive